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Mobile Apps Design

Why Mobile Apps?

It is of the utmost importance these days to have a mobile app for your business's unique features. It provides your client with an immediate connection to your business and provides access from anywhere. There are more benefits to designing a mobile app than just that of the web page's design; it is another opportunity for your business to shine. Mobile Apps are more like a combination of freeways, highways and streets as they guide you through them to a specific function that you or your client might want to perform -increasing your company's mobility and access.

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Our Vision of Mobile Apps

  • Design : Our designs always follow the theme of the brand and strive to pin point the functional aspect of the brand for that app. Our designs are modern yet simple and easy, covering all aspects that can most greatly impact the brand's popularity and usability. This mindset adds to your brand's visual identity which can encourage business growth by providing an app that clients find convenient. We focus on the most effective GUI of the App. We cover all parameters of the perfect app - icons, themes, colors, visuals, words, fonts and animations, ensuring that all are placed perfectly.

  • Equipment : We produce Apps for all iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows platforms, matching each application with every device of the said platform. All parameters are observed carefully, such as screen size and resolution, CPU performance characteristics, memory and storage space, Battery Life, Back lighting and development tool environment availability. We provide unique quotes based on the group of equipment on which you want support.

  • Utility : Every App is dependent on its core utility, which varies from merely viewing your products to performing financial transactions. We can design a Local Client for offline Apps, a Thin Web Client for slow connection Apps, or a combination of both, a Rich Internet App (RIA). Of course, our designs are launched after extensive testing, making every effort to present an error-free product.

Our Performance Parameters:

  • Start-up time
  • Page-loading behavior
  • Smoothness of transitions and animations
  • Error-free

Our Apps area

  • Best possible collaboration of App Features, Back-end Codes, Device Characteristics and Network Availability.
  • Scalable between functionality, aesthetics, usability and performance.
  • Update Friendly. We deliver timely updates and advanced versions as per the product and budget.

We can present a corporate suite that includes an App Package and Website.

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What our client says?

I used True Vision Technologies to develop both of my companies websites. True Vision Technologies had the expertise and vision to create a state-of-the-art site for my Restaurant Franchise. In addition, True Vision also handled the site for my Nightclub. I could not imagine any company doing a better job. Not only did they create an amazing design, they also provided my staff with the ability to update the site and make all the changes necessary to run my business. If you are looking for the best, hire True Vision Technologies

Tim , President

Long Island's Largest Night Club