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Internet Applications

In one short decade, the Internet has emerged as the most powerful channel for business development. Selling your product with a click is, of course, a fascinating part of the business, especially for those of us who have been doing business since before this mode has begun to dominate sales. However, is the internet ALWAYS effective? Well, it requires novelty and fresh ideas to stand on this level of competition. Hence, choosing the right professional for developing your website is a decision that directly affects your profits. Let's take a look what True Vision offers and what we have created to date. See the unique, high-quality projects we have created and apply for a quote. Make sure you view our Portfolio.

Work Cycle

To ensure customer satisfaction as well as the optimum adherence to every client's requirements, we follow a consistent work cycle each time, one that enhances the output at every step and results in an effective solution for your company.

  • Vision Adoption : We believe in absorbing our Client's vision, and carrying it through the project to completion. The vision becomes ours, and is considered with the same level of commitment as the client's, sometimes even more.
  • Understanding : Once understanding the exact vision of the project, we study the end-user Requirement requirements of the client and attempt to sector them.
  • Prototype Defining : Based on the vision and primary requirement gathering, we define a unique prototype to understand the nature of the actual output and for the guidelines assigned to various members of our team.
  • Designing : After defining a clear insight of what the end-result will encompass, our design team begins designing the GUI for the particular site.
  • Development : Now, the actual development takes place. True Vision will constantly reach out to our clients at this stage to ensure that each step originally discussed comes to fruition.
  • User Assurance Test : Before the project goes live, it is tested under UAT and if necessary; any and (UAT) all changes are made.
  • Client Satisfaction : Finally, the project is handed over to the Client for use. We assure client & Review satisfaction before concluding the work.
  • Maintenance : An assured satisfaction of the client than switches the project to its maintenance phase.

Services that we Excel in

Our founders have over 30 years worth of combined expertise in network infra-structures and security, software design and development, and web site design and development. We've worked for companies ranging from large and established Fortune 100 to tiny, chaotic start-ups. Hence, our experience is applicable to business problems of any size. We offer the following web solutions:

  • Database Driven Applications
  • E-commerce Website Development
  • Enterprise Application Development
  • Web-site Redesign and Migration Service
  • Portal Design & Development

Technological Expertise

We ensure you these services because of the fact that our experts can perform on any of the platforms and technology such as: ASP.net, MS SQL, VB.net, Oracle, Java, Ajax, C / C++, PHP, Flash CS4, Photoshop CS4, Illustrator CS4.

In short, you name it and we have it! Come to us and feel satisfied with your web-site and applications.