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Pay Per Click Services

One of the most important techniques to draw viewers to your website is through our Pay Per Click Services (PPC), an integral component of any effective SEO campaign. Apart from On Page and Off Page SEO techniques, we go a step further for attracting people from the sites on which they surf on daily basis. Simply put, when a consumer in your target market is searching online, they will view your ad right beside their search results. In SEO terminology, Pay Per Click (PPC), is an effective way to reach your customers most often.

Our clients can choose from many PPC Strategies as per their need, type of product and budget. It takes some very basic method along with skills of our expert designers. There are two types of PPC available, Textual and Graphical. A text oriented PPC shows Ads on search results and various other places in a Text format with keyword-rich content. In Graphical PPC, the Ads are shown in the form of Banner Ads and Pop-ups within loaded site pages, instead of only on search result pages.

We adhere to a very specific methodology and flow for PPC projects that offer added benefits that can go beyond a simple SEO campaign strategy.

  • Pre-Campaign Study: In a Pre-Campaign Study, we evaluate the requirement levels of PPC, its role in the overall SEO Campaign and other factors such as time, budget and effectiveness.
  • Market: In addition, we study present market demands and strategize along with any Competitor PPC Analysis; giving us important information such as keywords in use, daily budget, cost per click, daily traffic etc.
  • Keywords Research: Keyword Research is a critical factor for any effective PPC campaign. We choose the keywords for Ads with the highest rates of clicks that can help you to get best CTR (Click through Rate) and ROI (Return of Investment). Our keyword choices vary with the seasons, competition level and geographic importance.
  • Campaign Creation: Now, creation of a campaign takes place. The success of any website with a PPC Campaign has a direct relation to the quality of the PPC Campaign. First, multiple PPC Accounts are created in different search engines as per our client's requirements. We then create various Ad groups to enhance the effectiveness of the campaign.
  • Response Analysis: After creating the campaign plan, we evaluate the initial response i.e. the percentage of traffic increase, we determine if the goals of the campaign are being met. This stage is completely results-oriented where changes and additions are normally made. We continue to evaluate and manage the Ad Quality Score, Keyword Bids and other methods to get the improved ROI goal. Through campaign management, we also continue to evaluate the Daily Budget, Keywords Placements, and Ad serving among other techniques in order to achieve the highest level of performance of the campaign.
  • Monitoring: It is extremely important to monitor your PPC campaign with the on-going basis. Your campaign will be monitored regularly by constantly tracking the effectiveness of keywords and phrases every month. We then provide detailed reports for your perusal. This constant monitoring allows the ROI to be as high as possible.
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What our client says?

We hired True Vision to develop a small program for our Manufacturing Department. Instantly, they produced results which exceeded our expectations. We quickly hired them to take over all our custom programming. From our Financial System to our Inventory Management, True Vision handles every aspect of our programs. From Design to Completion, True Vision Technologies has demonstrated the capabilities necessary to meet my needs and make me happy to recommend them to others.

Kevin , CEO

Major Manufacturing Company